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We value our patients' experience at Alati Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. David Alati

Judy Capanda

Initially feeling sluggish and bloated, I decided to give my body a "spring cleaning" by using the 21 day Standard Process Purification program. Dr. Alati, Pam, and Angie spoke highly of it and gave me examples of positive results from those that used it. I filled my fridge and freezer with vegetables and fruit and decided to give my body a chance to prove that it could function better than it was. Following the program strictly was a huge benefit to me because it allowed the program to work as it was designed to. My positive attitude got me through the first few days but then I worried I would fall off once the excitement wore off as I had always done on previous diets. But to my amazement my cravings were gone, I was never hungry and I began feeling better. My bloating and edema was reduced, my joints moved more freely, my head and sinuses felt clearer, my ability to concentrate increased, I was losing weight and inches and I had more energy. By slowly adding back foods following the 21 days I was able to see which foods affected me in a negative way. Obviously junk food did and I hope to steer clear of it most of the time. Definitely the changes in my exceeded my expectations of this purification process. I would like to thank Dr. Alati, Pam and Angie for their continuing support.

Pamela VerBeke

Before I started my purification program I was feeling tired all the time. I was having trouble sleeping and losing weight. After attending several Standard Process seminars and taking a toxicitiy survey I realized how toxic I really was and I decided to do the program. I wasn't sure if I could do without my coffee, but I never missed it! The program was easy to follow and the shakes are awesome! I did experience bad headaches from no caffeine and sugar for a few days. My lymph system was sore to touch, but that was only for 1 day and I had sharp leg pains running down the back of my legs for 1 day. After that I was symptom free. I started feeling a difference in my skin and started to sleep better. My head is not as foggy as it was sometimes. I haven't lost the weight that I wanted to but I have lost inches and my clothes fit me better. I even had to put on my belt!
The support emails were right on with the way I was feeling day to day and if you have any questions, Dr. Alati and his staff are more then helpful. You can also email Standard Process with any questions and they are very quick to respond.
I have enjoyed doing the detox and I am going to continue doing the shakes now that I am done. It's a very healthy way to eat. I will defintely do this program again towards the end of the year. Everyone should experience a cleaning feeling at least one. You just won't believe the difference from the way you felt before. Feeling GREAT and LOVING it!

Eric Geib

Having done other "purification" programs in the past, I sort of knew what to expect. This program is different in that there is no fasting at all, and the shake mixes are delicious when blended with fruit. I lost 15 pounds and 3 inches from my waist. More than that I feel "clean". My skin is smoother and less oily and I just feel healthy. I continue making the smoothie drinks and have ordered more SP Complete to use for meal replacements--It's that GOOD! I plan to do the entire Standard Process Purification Program again in 4-6 months, and my wife has signed up to do it now since she likes the results I have seen. Thanks to Dr. Alati and Angie for answering questions when I had them. Also, the daily emails from the program are very helpful and motivating.

Lisa Willing

I have been a patient of Dr. Alati’s for many years. He recently talked to 740119_4783922008442_1044290648_o.jpg me about a detoxification program after I spoke to him about a recurring cyst problem that I have been dealing with for two years. I was tired of getting the shoulder shrug from other doctors and thought that this might be my answer. I was also desperate to give up Diet pop and had been unsuccessful in my attempts. I am a health conscious person and have always been concerned about the many toxins in my body that come from the food I eat, the home and health care products I use and the air I breathe.

I completed the 21 day detoxification program and learned a lot about myself in the process. I learned that I have a lot more will-power than I had ever imagined. I also learned that it is possible to eat a very basic, healthy diet and one that I can afford. I have a whole new appreciation for vegetables and have tried so many new ones, including kale and dandelion, which I continue to eat on a daily basis now. I learned that by eating a diet filled with fruits and vegetables I actually stay fuller longer and do not feel the need to constantly snack. I also successfully gave up Diet Pop…..for good!

I lost 25 pounds during the detoxification and have managed to keep it off. I have been off of the program for two months now but continue to eat a diet similar to the one that I did on the program. Because I choose too! The benefits of eating healthy and feeling good make it impossible not to.

Although my cyst problem did not go away, I do feel that my symptoms have decreased and I am hoping that it is on its way out for good. Above all, I am proud of myself for completing this detoxification and I feel my body thanking me. I would highly recommend it and I plan to do it once a year.

Rachel Uhley

Rachel_Uhley_1.jpg In October of 07' I began experiencing unexplained intermittent symptoms of vertigo (dizzy,nausea,disorientation,blurred vision). These symptoms frequented once every couple of months over the next few months, typically lasting 3-5- hours before resolving. Like I know many of us do, I denied that there was any serious health condition present as the symptoms would quickly subside. I neglected seeking any medical attention for the issue until January of 08' when I had to be admitted to the EC upon arriving to work with all the symptoms of vertigo, in addition to a very high heart rate, and elevated blood pressure.
A head CT was performed while I was in the EC. No tumor. No bleeding. No indication of a stroke. Good. Unfortunately, my symptoms were still present even after a number of hours spent in the EC. With all the initial test results being negative, I was treated for Benign Positional Vertigo and was released with the continuing symptoms, instructed to consult both a Neurologist, as well as a ENT to determine the nature of my symptoms. I was sent home with a RX to help relieve my nausea (in reality it only made me drowsy) assured that this condition is one that is self-limiting, and will typically resolve on it's own.

Over the next few weeks my symptoms persisted. I saw a number of specialists. Neurologically, I was determined to be intact. Good, nothing was overlooked in my head CT. Hearing and balance tests ordered by the 1st ENT all came back "within normal limits", the 2nd ENT treated my symptoms as of those of an inner ear problem, and performed the Epley Maneuver (after which I was to sit upright for 48 hrs. with my neck immobilized, then was only allowed to sleep on my back or 1 side for the following 7 days). Quite honestly, at this point I was hoping for the tests to come back irregular if only for peace of mind in knowing what the problem was. Even after all of this, my symptoms were still present and I was near my wit's end without any answers.

Under the recommendation of my primary, Dr. Dietz, I sought out Dr. Alati's care. Truth be told, I had grown up without the most positive impression of what chiropractic offered. No one within my immediate family had ever been to a chiropractor before, so the common misconception of "cracking" and "snapping" of bones and joints was alive in my house as well as when I was growing up, However, after nearly a month and a half of feeling miserable, I was ready to try just about anything.

Within the first few minutes of my consult with Dr. Alati I felt a great deal of ease in his care and his knowledge. He showed me xrays of the compression fracture he had found on my spine (a previously misdiagnosed sports injury from 7 yrs. prior), the associated subluxations with my cervical spine, and many other misalignments. He took the time to explain and illustrate precisely why he saw these to be the causes of my symptoms. I was left with a overwhelming amount of confidence in his ability to aid in my treatment and recovery. Unlike many doctors that I had recently come across, I felt truly reassured in his commitment to my health. Though I knew it would be an intensive schedule of visits to maintain, I was convinced on the benefits of chiropractic when I woke the morning after my 1st adjustment by Dr. Alati without the dizziness of nausea for the first time in a month and a half!!

The next six weeks of intensive care, my body continued to respond to treatment quite well. Physically, I feel more relaxed, I sleep through the night, I stand taller, I am able to drive again, I can exercise, I'm not nauseous, and most of all I can simply function in everyday life. Occasional set backs where I experience a brief, less intense feeling of dizziness, but it subsides quickly. I understand this is to be expected within my specific treatment and that because my body has been in poor alignment for so long and with these "weak links" in my spine, it is a process to retrain my body to be in a proper functional position.

The treatment I have received at Springfield Chiropractic has far exceeded any expectations that I had previously. My perception of the benefits of chiropractic has been forever changed. Dr. Alati and his team are exceptional!! From the 1st day I walked through their door- dizzy, off balance, nauseous, and frustrated - until now, they have continued to provide a family environment with which I feel cared for with compassion and confidence. I am so very grateful to Dr. Alati and his team for all their efforts in helping me along in my journey back to good health!!

Renee Cox

reneerusscox_1.jpg I have struggled with pain management for most of my adult life. Simple things like receiving a hug, or working in the garden were quite painful. My doctors were never successful at treating it, and I just thought feeling pain was a normal part of life. I never saw myself going to a chiropractor before. Never imagined all the benefits I would get out of it, and I certainly didn't think I would feel like I do today. Then on a cool Sunday morning, I was getting some laundry together. As I tried to keep our cat Ripley from sneaking into our bedroom, and lift the laundry basket, I felt a twinge in my lower back. It felt like I had the wind knocked out of me. I laid on the floor, outside the bedroom door, Ripley walking all over me. Maybe she thought a massage would do me some good. As I lay there, I kept telling myself, "you're ok, you're ok." However, standing, sitting, walking, anything I did caused severe lower back pain. Knowing Pam, I reached out to her, and explained the predicament I was in. She assured me Dr. Alati would take good care of me.

While still a bit reluctant, I scheduled an appointment. Pam and Angie greeted me with smiling faces the moment I walked in. They were so sweet to me. I had full exam, X-rays, even checked my feet. Dr. Alati sat down with me and walked me through all of the results. He showed me how my posture was impacting my spine. As I stared at the bends and twists in those films, I thought I was looking at a design for a cedar point rollercoaster. I just couldn't believe that was my back. He mapped out a plan, and all I could ask is "when do we start?" He did my first adjustment that day, and immediately I had relief in my lower back. I could sit without pain. I have been seeing him regularly for a few weeks and feel great. I am walking three miles everyday, free of discomfort. I am enjoying doing all those things that hurt to do before, but now pain free. I can't remember the last time I felt this good. I am still not sure what I appreciate more about Alati Chiropractic.....the amazing care you receive or how every time you walk throught their door, you are treated like a member of the family.


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  • "Initially feeling sluggish and bloated, I decided to give my body a "spring cleaning" by using the 21 day Standard Process..."

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